Color Bootcamp, Value: Assignment 2

Tonight I did the color bootcamp assignment 2 from New Masters Academy. This one was harder than the first because the model was lit from both sides and there wasn’t a clear light and shadow side on her face. So after 30 minutes I ended up with some bad drawing and a lot of muddled mid tones, I’m definitely doing this one again.

Color Bootcamp, Value: Assignment 2, compare

Here is a side by side comparison of how I did. The drawing makes me cringe but I will say that when I started it was much worse and I stuck with it through the 30 minutes, I didn’t panic I stayed calm and just kept trying to be as accurate as possible.

Color Bootcamp, Value: Assignment 2, setup

Earlier in the day I went to the recycle center to paint, but remembered while driving there that I forgot my palette holder so there was no place for my palette and water to be held. I don’t have a routine of painting outdoors yet so getting my gear together needs to become habit.

island recycle sketch
Island recycle sketch

After walking around for way too long, I ended up only doing a 30 minute sketch here. One issue I’ve always had with doing landscape type work is picking out a good composition. I will walk around for an hour and end up doing a bad 30 minute painting. Once I become more accustom to landscape again I’m going to try not to depend on nature to make my perfect composition.

island recycle sketch setup
Island recycle sketch setup
island recycle sketch setup
sketch subject

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