When committing to art every day for the rest of your life it’s important to always have a plan and always always always have a sketchbook handy. So when we were going to have the whole day away from home visiting friends in Seattle I made sure to have materials and I ended up doing a coffee shop sketch.

After visiting my most favorite art store, A&C Art Supply in Seattle I was waiting for my wife to finish a class at a library a bit further away. So I positioned myself in front of two windows in a coffee shop on a corner and looked for something interesting to draw for a while.

Coffee Shop Sketch, subject
What I was looking at

It doesn’t look like much but I still find that almost everything in life will challenge your artistic skills.

Coffee Shop Sketch, setup
My seat at the window


  • Session: 1206
  • Work: 1032
  • Width: 8"
  • Height: 8"
  • Medium: Ink
  • Location: Diva Espresso off Greenwood in Seattle
  • Art Time: 1
  • Creative Time:



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  1. That is actually quite an impressive sketch.
    I hope your visit to A&C Art supply store was just as inspiring to you as my writing class was to me. A great day out!

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I am an Artist and a programmer currently living in the amazing state of Washington. I have a passion for art, but I'm stubborn as hell with it. My day is complete only when I do some piece of art each day, no matter how small. "There was a dream that was Rome. You could only whisper it. Anything more than a whisper and it would vanish, it was so fragile."