Close To Finished

I’m so close to finished with this painting that it was hard to stop this session. Alas, my schedule is packed daily so I had to put the brush down.

Thanks to Brad and Dale from last post for all their information on how to take better photos of my work. I haven’t tried any of their suggestions yet. I need to go out and buy another lamp, bulbs and maybe a new camera. As soon as I try out their suggestions I will post my results here.

Honestly I need to write all this stuff down in one place. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now. Over these 4 years of daily art I’ve learned so much and it would be nice if I had a central location for someone to go to so they could easily get to all the information. This will take a lot of time so stay tuned for that one.

Close To Finished, full
Full Painting
Close To Finished, setup
Blurry setup photo 🙁

Ok this is embarrassing now… especially after Brad and Dale gave me all this good info I can’t even take a clear photo (facepalm). If there is one place in my daily art that I have a lot of room for improvement it is definitely the reproduction of my work.

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