Chilhowee Inn Art Collaboration

We love staying and bed and breakfast places. They are always more comfortable than a basic hotel and we meet the best people. I had the privilege of meeting with Jack Loeb an artist from Tennessee staying at the inn and he invited me to sketch with him.

Jack was sketching with an array of materials and it took me about 10 minutes to choose what I wanted to use. His sketchbook was a bit unorthodox also. Jack was drawing and painting in an old book which was a collaboration in itself as the text would flow in and out of his sketches.

Chilhowee Inn Art Collaboration, with Jack Loeb
Collaboration with Jack Loeb

It’s interesting because I was excited to sketch over the text in the book but I almost unconsciously started drawing the smoky mountains on a blank page… What a great way to reuse old books that no one wants anymore.

Chilhowee Inn Art Collaboration
Collaboration subject

Eventually I was keeping all of us from eating dinner on time so I had to run.

Chilhowee Inn Art Collaboration, plant in room
Plant in room

I still did a sketch of a plan in our room that night.

Chilhowee Inn Art Collaboration, plant drawing setup
Plant drawing setup


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