Charcoal Over Graphite

I was wrong. Charcoal can be used over graphite, it just takes a careful touch and the right softness of charcoal.

Yoda Drawing

I put the Yoda drawing next to some of the recent Fandom Fitness drawing that were all in charcoal to compare how dark this graphite is to the charcoal. It’s much lighter than I wanted. But I don’t want to start the drawing over so I decided to test some charcoal on top of the graphite in places.

You may notice that Yoda’s eyes, nostrils and mouth are much darker than the rest of the drawing. That is the charcoal.

Yoda drawing in graphite

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Warm-up and DrawABox exercises

Same warm-up as any day. I really need to make an extended post on what makes up my 15 minute warm-up process. It’s quite complex and fun!


My Draw a Box exercises have enter into a new stage. I’ve started over but with the recommended materials. The Micron .05 pens came in the mail yesterday and I was very excited to try my hand at these line exercise with them.

I sat down for these exercises now and the change in position plus materials is making them much harder but I love challenges though! I also plan on submitting these to the draw a box website and see how their critique process goes.

Steve Huston Perspective Exercise

I continue to be challenged by this exercise even though I’m adjusting the perspective slightly. I’m constantly forced to think about the complex human form in space and what will happen to it during rotation.

Steve Huston Perspective Exercise

One Minute Gestures

I number the pages of my gestures so that I can judged how long it takes me to really get into the groove. Today I didn’t feel it until page 3 then I really got al mixed up with I decided to make the figures smaller and switch materials. Another great challenge!

From doing this I’ve learned that friction, your drawing tool against the paper, plays a huge role in how the gestures go. Changing to a material that has much less friction is like starting over from the beginning and getting into the groove all over again. It would take a number of pages to get used to the fluidity of it.

Daily Composition and Daily Sketch

I drew my tea cup for the 50th time I think. Then the daily sketch is of a group of kids playing in the bay at low tied. The were knee deep in mud and having a wonderful time. I didn’t want to tell them that most of the mud is gull poop! Haha!

daily composition and daily sketch

What went well?

So much interesting practice plus awesome performance every day, I’m really loving my art life! Plus, I learned that I can do charcoal over graphite.

What needs work?

I need to be more mindful of my body while I work. I’m putting my legs and arms in repetitive potions that could be a big problem later.

What did I learn?

The Draw a box exercises are harder with a pen and copy paper. Charcoal can go over graphite if you use the right softness. Friction is a huge proponent of drawing gestures.

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