Changing My Materials

I’m changing my materials for the Fandom Fitness drawings and instead of using a combination of charcoal and graphite I’m just using graphite for Yoda.

Yoda Drawing

I purchased this awesome Cretacolor Monolith graphite set and I’m amazed that I can get almost as dark as charcoal. The set comes with weights from HB all the way to 9B. I’m only using 8B and below for the drawing so far so I can reserve a bit more darkness if I need it later.

One thing you will want to know though. If you plan on mixing charcoal and graphite you should put down the charcoal first before the graphite. The graphite coats the page, makes it slick, then charcoal will not stick to it. In fact, when I mix the two I use graphite sparingly, only for the very subtle half tones.

Yoda Drawing

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Warm-up and DrawABox exercises

Here is something cool I discovered today. If you use a harder charcoal pencil (conte 1710 H) and drag the pencil along it’s edge you can get some super straight lines with practice. But, the friction is increased so much with these harder pencils that making ellipses are much harder.

Notice how the planes I drew under the ellipses at the top look like they were done with the ruler. I was proud of that until I drew some very wobbly ellipses over them. 🙂


This is my third page of boxes and I had a ton of trouble with them today. See all the pick highlighted lines indicated perspective errors.

Draw a box 250 box challenge

Steve Huston Perspective Exercise

Wow! I was really working my brain today. Two standing figures and I was thinking really hard of how their most simple forms would look if I was viewing them from farther below. What a challenging exercise! I just wish that I could check my work, similarly to the Right-angle exercise that I do with Nicolaides.

Steve Huston perspective study

One Minute Heads

The original exercise is called Gesture of the Features from The Natural Way to Draw. But honestly, I really think I can learn a lot more from drawing a ton of heads and trying to get their expression and orientation correct quickly.

One minute heads

Daily Composition and Daily Sketch

I love my early morning walk. But when I passed by an alley way and saw a figure in shadows holding back a huge dog I about jumped out of my skin.

Then promptly, waved and said, “good morning”. Haha!

daily composition and daily sketch

What went well?

Great focus on art today and I learned a lot after changing up my materials.

What needs work?

Bring some presence throughout my day so that I can really commit some scenes to memory for my daily compositions.

What did I learn?

The Strathmore Bristol paper is great and the Cretacolor Monolith Graphite set even better. But, the charcoal I purchased doesn’t move around on it any better than the conte pencils.

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