Change Mediums to Fit Motive

I’m heavily influenced by Robert Henri and more than ever I try to change mediums to fit motive rather than technique.

Where this is going t be very important is in the deference between each figure. The closer me that is draw is representing the physical while the me in the background is representing the psychological.

I want the foreground figure to be energetic and solid so I’m using charcoal. For the background figure I want it to look ethereal, soft and some what transparent so I’m going to mostly use graphite. I feel that each material fits the situation perfectly.

Also, when choosing our materials based on what we want to communicate even the negatives of that material can become an advantage.

Self Portrait Relentless

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Warm-up and exercises

The normal 15 minute warm-up in graphite.


The challenges continue with the 250 box challenge. This may just be the best page of five boxes that I’ve ever done so far. I did make some corrections as I was drawing the lines when I noticed it they were wrong as soon as I put them down. I’m hoping that this wasn’t just luck and I can repeat it for the next 23 pages. exercise

One Minute Gestures

Back to one minute gesture from The Natural Way to Draw today. I wanted to spend more time on my self portrait but I made a commitment to these exercises and I’m going to follow through. Besides, there is nothing quite like getting into the groove with gestures and letting the lines flow sometimes effortlessly and right.

Daily Composition and Daily Sketch

I sketched the array of cups and containers for tea on my desk again. A french press for my custom tea blends, a thermos to keep the tea nice and hot, a tea cup (never any coffee) and lastly a large cup of water to drink or cool off the tea when it’s too hot on summer days.

The composition was from my visit to the ENT today. While I was in the waiting room I was practicing my breathing and presence with everyone checking in at the front desk. I tried to take as many mental notes of the scene as I could but in reproduction hours later it is much harder.

daily composition and sketch

What went well?

A full art day! I was a little rushed but work on my self portrait is going well and whenever I change mediums to fit motive the piece goes well because I’m putting the idea first.

What needs work?

I missed almost all of my exercises on my 30 minute timer today. I’ll have to recommit to that tomorrow as I should have more time.

What did I learn?

The micron pens last 20 times longer than a brush pen, but the brush pen can put down a ton of ink really quickly so it evens out I think.

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