3580: Epic Journey V1 Day 1

When you’re unmotivated the last thing you want to do is push yourself to do something you “should” do. Instead do something that is super fun. This is what I did.

Instead of pushing myself to get back to work on my Starry Night painting I changed to something else I’m a bit more excited about right now. A new series called Epic Journey. Well, I hope it continues to be a series.

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3579: The Storm Was Getting Much Worse

I’m not sure what happened this weekend but I’ve completely lost my motivation. I’ve been doing daily art for so long now that it’s not new, it happens. I still got in hours of art time today.

I lowered my criteria for success today by doing something different and easier to accomplish. I signed up for a course on SVSlearn.com called Developing Great Visual Stories. This is the first and second assignment form that course.

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3576: Starry Night Day 24

I don’t post every single day but I do art every single day. For this post I’m trying to remember what I was doing on this painting 4 days ago. hmm…

It’s helpful to look back at my previous days and compare. So, for today I’m working on the right middle of the painting adjusting everything that is right above the two figures at the bottom right. I’m excited to be close to finished with this huge painting.

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3556: Other Worlds V2 Day 6

The very dark areas of the painting are not black. It’s a combination of burnt umber, ultramarine blue and alizarin permanent. But, I’m using a burnt umber from Geneva Fine Art Supplies and there is a lot of clove oil and other mediums that make the paint very fluid wet for a long time. Now I need to wait for at least a week, maybe more, to add in the top layers on this painting without the previous layers mixing.

I have so many paintings that I want to do right now that it’s not going to be a problem.

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3548: Starry Night Day 11

I’ve realized that this second layer needs to start out with somewhat complex brush work to get the overall form of each shape in the sky establish. This determines the shape, how it flows and connects with other shapes and the depth of each shape. But, this can’t be the last layer. It needs at least a third, maybe even a fourth layer, of glazing to increase that complexity and interest. Every time I come back and add more glazing it compounds the dynamism.

Needless to say, I’m having a lot of fun with this painting and it’s going to take a while before I’m done. I’m cool with that as well.

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3547: Starry Night Day 10

The central shape in the sky here is that mass of swirling yellow and I’m struggling with it’s shape. I want it dynamic and impactful. I tried to make the center darker but I’m not liking it. I’ll keep working with it. The great thing is that these shapes look better with more and more layers of paint. As I increase the glazed layers each area takes on more and more complexity and interest.

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3545: Starry Night Day 8

This painting is a wonderful challenge! It’s the biggest painting I’ve worked on in 4 years and it’s a whole new subject. The great thing is that I know what I want to do with it and the method I’m using is working well. I’m using a combination of opaque and transparent paint to reach the super saturated colors I want. I’m also using flowing brush work to describe twisting and rotating forms. By the end I hope this painting is so full of depth and life that people can’t pull their eyes away.

One day at a time on this one and I’ll have other paintings going so I can take a break from it every now and then.

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3544: Other Worlds V1 Day 10

This painting is finished and I’m super happy with it. I feel as though this painting will sell very well. It’s bright with some amazing colors and gives the viewer enough space to dream. The great thing is that I have about 50 other paintings that I want to do like it! I’m not sure if all those paintings will actually happen but I have them ready to start.

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3522: Valley Aflame Day 2

The first layer for this painting is dry and I’m adding the second layer of paint. I hope to not need a third layer of paint to get the subtle transitions in the glow of the valley.

I’ve removed the solo artist from the title of my posts because of a conversation with Josh about the Solo Artist Curriculum. We’ve discovered that this monolith of a course is just not sustainable. I’m a super motivated person but it takes super human motivation to stick with this curriculum for the 3 years straight that it will take. I feel the only way that I can get through it is to come back to every now and then and slowly chip away at it. To use it as a guild for continued learning in art as well. If I lose motivation in one area of my art I can always return to the solo artist curriculum for ideas and ways to move forward.

For now I’m moving forward on the tons of painting ideas that I’ve gotten from playing with Ai generated art.

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3520: Solo Artist Day 166

I put my first layer of paint on this new 20×30 landscape. Even though it’s at it’s early stages right now I’m loving this painting so far. I’m sure to most people it looks like nothing but I can see crazy potential. I also got three quick head drawings in today. Very quick, so don’t look at how bad they are LOL.

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