Richard Schmid

For years I have looked at Richard Schmid’s work withĀ hopes that one day I could be as masterful. So I find it fitting that as I start a new inspiration category on my blog that Richard Schmid be the first.

There are very few living master artists out there and he is one of them. The more I look at current work by artists all over the internet I constantly see more and more influence from Schmid. If I could only have one book in my library of art books it would be “Alla Prima”. Now in its second edition with expanded content I consider it to be the most concise and informative piece of literature that every student of art should own. Currently I’m in the process of re-reading it for the third time.

Below is a few images that I pulled from the internet so I may return to this page on days when I need a bit of motivation or inspiration to get going.


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Euan Uglow

Probably the best-known student of William Coldstream, Euan Uglow stands out as one of the most important figurative painters of the late 20th century. Arguably it is Uglow and Freud who dominated the late 20th century figurative painting and influenced countless artists.

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Jack Vettriano

Born in Fife, Scotland in 1951, Jack Vettriano left school at sixteen to become a mining engineer. For his twenty-first birthday, a girlfriend gave him a set of watercolour paints and, from then on, he spent much of his spare time teaching himself to paint.

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