3520: Solo Artist Day 166

I put my first layer of paint on this new 20×30 landscape. Even though it’s at it’s early stages right now I’m loving this painting so far. I’m sure to most people it looks like nothing but I can see crazy potential. I also got three quick head drawings in today. Very quick, so don’t look at how bad they are LOL.

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3519: Solo Artist Day 165

Back to drawing some heads today. This is #26 and 27 of the 100 heads challenge. I try to go fast on these but I’m just having a lot of fun figuring out the structure of the head. The second head I sped up dramatically.

I should zoom out more though because the first head is way off. LOL. Huge Hair!

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3495: Solo Artist Day 141

The future of art is here and many artists are not going to like it. 5 months ago I changed my mind about digital art and jumped head first into digital painting. Now art generated by bots is blowing my mind.

I’m experimenting with Midjourney and art generated with text prompts to create something complete original from the combination of a machine and myself.

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3474: Solo Artist Day 120

THIS is the way that I prefer to paint. Lots of movement and full of life but built on a solid foundation. I had a ton of fun with this painting and with digital I’m able to go much faster than with oil. I don’t consider this a finished painting but a great block in for refinement.

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3473: Solo Artist Day 119

I’m building the head with the method laid out by Marco Bucci and I realized I really don’t like painting this way. It feels lifeless. I need the act of painting to be energetic and full of movement. But, I also want it build on a sound structure. I’ll redo this head the way I want tomorrow.

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