Captain Marvel too Much Detail?

I’m getting deep into the Captain Marvel drawing and I’m thinking I may be starting with too much detail.

With my art, if I feel like doing or trying something, I normally go for it. Today I did just that. I really felt like studying Captain Marvel’s eye in the photo and really getting a detailed understanding of it’s anatomy. I have a high quality photo I’m working from so I can really go into the detail.

But is this too much detail?

The problem with going so detailed is that is really cuts back on my freedom in the drawing. If I have one part of the drawing super detailed I feel as though I need to keep the rest of the drawing close to that detail. Maybe this is wrong though and I should try to go for high detail in one place and much less in others.

I think I’ll try it. If it fails then I’ll just start the drawing over.

graphite captain marvel, too much detail?

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The Natural Way to Draw Exercises

Before I worked on the Captain Marvel drawing I did two exercises from the Nicolaides book, gestures and a modeled drawing in ink.

Some of these gestures look better than others because I’m trying to fit in some memory work while doing these. I’ll quickly look at the figure for about 10 seconds than drawing the entire gesture in about 10 seconds. After that I will reference the figure again and see what I got wrong or needed to improve. I like the practice and may refine it further.

Daily Composition

Today is the fourth day of doing these compositions and I love them. Not only are they challenging me to use my visual memory but I’m becoming more aware of everything I look at throughout the day.

I’m constantly searching for possible compositions and analyzing what I do find and trying to commit it all to memory. Storing it for later.

daily composition
daily composition photo

I remembered the faded look of everything in the far far distance but I didn’t remember the darker values of the closer land mass.

Oh, this is the moon going down behind mountains in Canada at about 5am this morning. It was amazingly beautiful!

What went well?

Lots of drawing done today, I stuck with it despite many interruptions.

What didn’t go so well?

Lots of interruptsion during my art session today.

What did I learn and/or how can I do better?

Keep in touch with my emotions they are what make me and my art interesting.

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