Captain Marvel Drawing Finished

I’m happy that I’m able to call this Captain Marvel drawing finished and as an added bonus I’m pleased with how it turned out.

It’s wonderful to have someone to show unfinished work to and get feedback. Plus it is even better for them to confirm exactly what you are thinking. Thank you Pattie for your honest feedback on this Captain Marvel drawing through it’s whole creation.

captain marvel drawing finished

Initially I made her suit a bit too dark. Thanks to my wife’s input I made some adjustments and it turned out so much better.

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Today’s Gesture Drawings

I really need to make a video of gesture drawing and all the thoughts I have while doing them. I’m constantly loving the figure work and marveling at the beauty at all human bodies.

Daily composition

In the age of covid-19 almost all of my interaction is through Zoom. I felt it fitting to do a composition based on what I see through the meeting interface.

daily composition

I have to laugh at these drawing. They are not very good at all. But, they are from my memory and I’m getting better. What I need to practice most is presence in the moment which will imprint these visuals into my long term memory.

What went well?

Feeling very productive today!

What didn’t go so well?

I don’t have the whole day to do art. Also I tend to always get behind on my schedule, I should schedule in some catch-up time.

What did I learn and/or how can I do better?

Always MOTIVE when drawing the gesture. Find your motive first then let every line, movement and even your whole body get into the act of creating an image that serves that motive.

2 thoughts on “Captain Marvel Drawing Finished”

  1. I love the intensity on her face. I love all the Fandom drawings and hope they inspire others to engage in taking care of themselves so THEY can be superheroes too. I’m enjoying seeing their faces watch me as I write…


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