Captain Marvel Drawing and Memory Gestures

Another full day of art. Starting with memory gestures, then regular gestures and finishing with work on the captain marvel drawing.

Memory gestures are wonderful, but very hard. Because I’m breaking up my work on the The Natural Way to Draw it seems like I don’t get to practice them that often.

This is why I try to use the reference images for my normal gestures less and less. I will look up at the figure and then try to get as far as I can with the gesture before referencing the image again.

The purpose for this type of work is to draw more from my experience. Not experience as in what I have learned but more of what I felt at the initial look of the model.

I will look at the model for the memory gestures and try and feel what their doing either physically or mentally. Imagining if they would feel discomfort in the pose, a twist in the muscles or a narrative of sadness, elation or anything.

With this practice I’m working more on communication through the medium rather than reproduction of surface.

Today’s Memory Gestures

Today’s Regular Gestures

For a few of these gestures I was able to get deep into the feeling of the poses and let the technical side of my brain go while the emotional side took over and felt the movement, form and flow. It is those moments that I really live for.

Captain Marvel Drawing

I have to say I’m really enjoying the detail of this drawing. I plan on doing something very different with the Captain Marvel drawing than I’ve done with all the other.

The plan is to keep her face and facial features detailed but keep the rest of the composition linear and simple. If it doesn’t work than I’ll just continue on until I bring up the detail on the rest of the drawing but I think I will like it.

captain marvel drawing

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Daily Composition

On our daily walk to the park to do our pull-ups.

Side note. I exercise regularly. Throughout the day plus a dedicated walk, at least 25 minute workout with my wife and pull-ups every day. For the pull-ups I started at 1 every day and increased that number every 10 days.

Anyway, on our walk to the park we say a family whom had rode their bikes to the park were playing soccer with their oldest. Dad was tending the goal, the kid was kicking it today and mom holding a baby was cheering them on.

I didn’t capture it well, with any emotion or movement. But I was able to remember more than I thought I would with the brief couple minutes we saw them.

daily composition

What went well?

In the zone on the gestures and loving it!

What didn’t go so well?

Pressed for time all day.

What did I learn and/or how can I do better?

When rendering skin, especially smooth skin, be very careful with the direction and texture of your strokes or it may make the young girl look old or as if she has a beard.

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