Captain Marvel Composition Uncertainty

I’m having a lot of uncertainty with the extreme contrast between detail and simplicity in this new Captain Marvel composition.

I feel there is a difference in leaving a drawing as just lines and making a dynamic design that uses what is there in a linear fashion. At the moment it just looks unfinished and I need to but some effort into composing.

Captain Marvel design uncertainty

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Awesome Daily Composition

Okay, the composition may not be the best but my influence was a wonderful experience.

Two days ago, on my early morning walk, I was able to see the moon set behind the mountain. Then I heard that today there would be a super moon or “Full Flower Moon”.

I had to get some photos of it so I got up even earlier, 4am, got my gear ready and stood out in the cold for about an hour to get some of these shots.

My composition today pales in comparison but the experience is what is most important.

daily composition

Today’s Gestures

I took a longer nap and was a bit groggy while doing these gestures so they are not my best. But, I was able to get loosened up about half way through.

What went well?

Amazing experience with the super moon and our amazing earth.

What didn’t go so well?

Sleep challenges today.

What did I learn and/or how can I do better?

It’s time to slow down a bit and spend the time that each composition needs. Trying to speed though everything in the effort to “get it done” is and could result in sub par work. The captain marvel composition is going to be a great learning experience.

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