Captain Marvel and Graphite Dust

After a quick critique from Pattie, we both agreed that I needed to add more to the Captain Marvel drawing which led me to lots of graphite dust.

I wanted to fill her body and hair with a quick value that indicated the larger mass and instead of using the side of my pencil over the whole area I decided to try some graphite dust.

I haven’t done any research on it but I’m almost positive graphite dust is harmful if breathed in so I took precautions to make sure that didn’t happen. If you ever use it I would suggest keeping far away from the dust in a room with no flowing air and a mask. Plus it could get really messy so put something under your drawing.

I didn’t purchase any graphite dust, I just used my sand paper to sharpen some pencils while I collected a bit of the dust over the drawing. Then I spread it around with a paper towel, working it into the paper.

The great thing about the graphite dust applied in this way is that it’s super easy to carve out some light areas with a knead-able eraser.

captain marvel in graphite

Unfortunately right after my drawing session today as I was processing the images I took. I literally slapped my forehead because I noticed her body is much too large for her head.

So tomorrow I have a ton of erasing to do, LOL.

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Today’s Gestures

I did my warm-up, modeled drawing and gestures before the Captain Marvel drawing today and they were very erratic in my grasp of weight, movement, impression and impulse.

I looked ahead in Nicolaides book yesterday and I noticed that throughout the entire book all exercise schedules have gesture drawings programmed. Because of this I’m sure he felt that gesture drawing is one of the most important aspects of all drawing practice and a good indicator that I should do gestures through my whole art career. Which will basically be my whole life 🙂

Daily Composition

Funny story. We, Pattie and I, workout daily. Both of us were ecstatic to learn that the state parks have reopened and we headed to our favorite park today for some sunshine and exercise.

The park is both in the USA and in Canada. It straddles the border. But, the Canadian side of the park is closed and they didn’t put up a sign for people walking from the USA side.

We started our workout and was about one quarter into it before a, not very polite, police officer informed us of the mix-up.

I was cool with it though, and enjoying a chance to practice conversing with someone during the covid-19 crisis. Then we moved our workout equipment and ourselves back to the USA side to finish our border. On the way back, I decided to make the police officer my daily composition.

Okay, I admit it openly. I’m not very good at these daily compositions… YET. I always love to find art practices that I suck at. They are like rough stones that bonk me on the head with a visceral indication of what I need to work on. All it needs is time, day in and day out, and I will polish that rough stone into a diamond.

Morning Walk

Love my morning walks! Here is Mt. Baker in all it’s glory this morning.

What went well?

Captain Marvel is moving in the right direction now, lots of art time in today and I feel it was a day full of learning and beauty in nature.

What didn’t go so well?

I need to erase a lot of graphite dust and fix the captain marvel drawing. Plus I’m doing so much all day I feel a bit rushed.

What did I learn and/or how can I do better?

Gaphite dust is really good for filling a space of the page quickly with a value, but not so good if you don’t want a cloud looking effect.

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