Bottle of Rum on White

Just a sketch tonight. I was up super early this morning with not much sleep, so by 8 pm I was dead tired. The focus of this painting was just to get 30 minutes in of something on canvas. I knew it would be just a quick sketch, but I wanted to capture the intensity of light passing trough dark liquid.

Just a quick sketch isn’t so bad though. I figure I could look at this quick painting and see if the subject is worth pursuing. Actually, now that I think if it, most of these small paintings are like that. I enjoy doing them and I do them as well as I can but, I always judge them later for larger and longer painting possibilities.

The reason for a bottle of rum tonight has nothing to do with alcohol. I like how the light passing through dark liquid casts a color of much higher intensity. I have done several paintings with light cast through liquid, this is one of my favorites.  This one also.

The Setup

The Subject

Session Details