Black Panther Drawing Finished

I’ve finished the Black Panther drawing, or at least I’m calling it finished with a bit of resignation.

Every drawing Fandom Fitness drawing I do, I learn something. What I learned from this drawing is that I need a very clear plan before beginning any of these drawings. Luckily I was listening to the Draftsman podcast this morning when Marshal Vandruff provided me just that. Here is the process he suggested.

1 – Start with the idea/motive.

2 – Make thumbnails of your idea or ideas.

Steps one and two are interchangeable. It’s all part of the creative process but starting with thumbnails is just as good as having the idea first.

3 – Begin studying the proposed piece, by researching references, figuring out composition, figuring out the best way to divide up the lights and darks, define a color scheme and/or value range. All of these parts of the whole work should point to the original idea/motive.

4 – Create a comprehensive rough.

Some advice that Marshall gave for the comprehensive rough is to. “Keep it open in the early stages and close ti down gradually until finished. Don’t start too tight.” Basically start with all the big shapes first and leave the details for the end.

The next drawing I do I’m going to use this process.

Black Panther Drawing in Charcoal

When asking patting about the finished Black Panther drawing she said.

“I don’t feel much of a connection to it.”

This may have sounded like a negative comment pointing out the faults in the drawing, and it is, but when you look at my current collection of all these Fandom Fitness drawings you will see that most of them are portraits and nothing more. They are just a depiction of the character and many of them don’t move beyond that into the realm of communication, or connection.

The fact that Pattie recognized that this drawing was trying to make a connection with her yet failing was wonderful! I’m making progress in the right direction. I’m not there yet but, I’m on the right path.

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The normal 15 minute warm-up in graphite.


Long Drapery Study

I’ve finished this long drapery study from The Natural Way to Draw and here is a list of what I feel I have learned.

  • It’s hard to depict smooth folds and gradual tones in more harsh straight lines and an almost sculptural feel.
  • Always choose the best way to shade with the form, with or against it. Getting this correct will allow it to jump off the page.
  • Charcoal looks better than graphite due to it’s higher contrast I suspect.
  • Fabric will relax and sag further after a couple of days hanging.
  • Choose to simplify or go all in on shading. Anything in between looks ambivalent.
Drapery Study charcoal

Daily Composition and Sketch

I drew my headphones for a bit than I committed a good amount of time to studying this composition by Bernie Wrightson.

Here is what I wrote in my notes.

  • He uses 3 major values, nothing more.
  • In all his compositions either one value is dominant, meaning that one value has a higher percentage of coverage over the piece, or two values are competing.
  • In this composition the darkest value and the lightest value is competing with each other an crossing exactly over the center interest of the composition.
  • The top and bottom black sections are keeping the viewers eye inside the work and focused on the center of interest.
  • In this composition, and many others by Bernie, the central interest of the composition is where the darkest and the lightest values meet.
  • In many of his compositions Bernie brings attention to objects by having the an extreme value break a boundary of another extreme value.

If I could just learn all of these techniques and use them wisely in all my work each one would be amazing.

daily composition and sketch

What went well, what was awesome! Celebrate It!

I finished the Black Panther drawing, a long drapery study and had a wonderful time with composition study of a master.

What needs work? What did you learn?

Need to put the process above into practice so that future drawing aren’t so ambivalent.

How am I going to Optimize moving forward?

For the next Fandom Fitness drawing I’m going to follow the process that I outlined above.

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