A Bit Lost, But Still Working

The past few days of working I’ve felt adrift with not a lot of focus. I know I want to work on improving my ability with the figure but I’m a bit lost with a lot of questions.

What medium should I work in? Does a medium matter? What should I focus on to get better at painting or drawing the figure? Do I need a curriculum?

There is just so much to think about that sometimes it becomes overwhelming. Then I look online of all the amazing artists already painting the figure with seemingly effortless skill. It all culminates together into a mass of self doubt and confusion…

Meh! I’ve been here before, I’ll get through it. All I have to do is read through this blog and I’ll find a day within the last three or so years where I’m saying the same thing. More and more I’m thinking this is the purpose of the blog, it’s mainly for me, then hopefully later it will be a nice roadmap for someone else. For now I need to get organized and have a plan for moving forward.

As far as painting medium is concerned I don’t think it really matters, but I should know the three that I use most (Oil, Charcoal, Gouache) well. The best way to do that is to keep working in each. So all I have to do is keep working each day and switch out mediums.

Curriculum… hmm… yeah I think I need a better plan. I need a clear direction to follow. One that I can wonder away from every now and again, then come back to. So this will probably be part of the next session as to not bore anyone that is actually reading my blog, haha.

A bit lost, but still working: warmup
A bit lost, but still working: 1-2 minute poses
1-2 minute poses
A bit lost, but still working: 5 and 10 min poses
5 and 10 minute poses

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