Basic Shapes Still Life

There is no better drawing practice then setting up a still life and drawing basic shapes. I’m constantly surprised at how hard it is to draw the most basic things. Many people think that before they can even put pencil to paper, or brush to canvas, that they have to have this amazing idea or perfect composition. But I feel that art is more about learning, seeing and experiencing the world around us more closely than just existing next to it.


Here is my warmup page for the basic shapes still life. I find it really important now to do about 10 minutes of drawing warmup to get my arm in motion and my head focused. It’s kind of like a warmup an athlete would do before performing.

basic shapes still life setup photo


basic shapes still life finished photo in charcoal

The finished piece turned out really well, all my shading covered it up but believe me when I tell you that there is some really focused drawing of basic shapes underneath.

figure drawing in ink setup

And just to change it up a bit tonight I decided to do a drawing of a figure in ink.

figure drawing in inkAfter my extreme focus on the basic shapes drawing I was taking it a bit easy on the figure drawing ink and you can tell it. The proportions are a bit off.


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