Bandera Mountain Hike

Wonderful hike today. One hour from Seattle off of I-90 exit 45 is Bandera Mountain.

The drive to the mountain was interesting, it looked like all the mountains had been sifted with powdered sugar, with a definite line where the melting point started on the mountain.

The drive on the mountain up to the trail head was exciting to say the least. It was a one lane road and the snow was wanting to push my truck over the edge. I was a little scary a couple of times.

I snapped a few shots below of the hike up the mountain. Unfortunately I had to stop an hour into the hike because the snow drifts were so deep they were up to my knee. Next time I will need to bring some snow shoes… right after I buy some.
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I love the panorama feature on the iphone 5
Beautiful view. You can also see the clear line of where the snow stops its creep down the mountain as the temperatures begin to warm.
Like always pictures do not do it justice. This snow was almost impossible to walk through before I turned around.

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