Back to a Routine With Some Figure Drawings

I feel like I’m finally getting back to my normal self today. I was able to finish a lot of tasks on my to do list plus I got my basic drawings in for the day. I hope that today will be the start of my normal routine again of hours of daily art, working out and just getting things done.

We had a ton of photos from out trip and because the wi-fi sucked wherever we went I wasn’t able to really keep our photos well organized. So for the past couple days I have been working on organizing those and sharing them with my family. I finally finished it today.

I got a workout done today, its seems like it has been forever since I’ve done anything strenuous, so that means the workout sucked and I just about died.

On an exciting note James Gurney is starting up an October Challenge and I’m going to try hard and do some work for it. James is pretty darn amazing and just reading his website and watching his videos is more than enough motivation to get me back into my routine.

Nothing new to see here, just my normal warmup page, if there is one thing that is always part of my drawing routine now, it’s my warmup page.getting back into a routine with some warmup drawings

I really wanted to do more than just 30 minutes of drawing today, I feel like if I just pushed myself a bit more I could have finished another 30 minutes but alas I succumbed to the jet lag again and went to bed. But, at least I got a lot of other things done today, I will get back into the routine soon enough.

Figure Drawings

figure drawing from photo tonight

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