August Figure Drawing Commitment

I have made a commitment to myself for the month of August to focus on the figure throughout the month and to do no less than two hours of art each day.

Last month I was lacking motivation to do art. I’m not sure why but it was just hard for me to do more than a half hour of art each day. By the last week of July I just accepted my lack of motivation and decided to not worry about it until August. But I told myself that on August 1st I was going to renew my commitment to daily art with a vengeance.

A clear and simple purpose

The greatest and worst thing about art sometimes is its complexity. It’s the reason why it takes a lifetime of practice to master just a part of it. So with something so complex the only way we can take it on is by breaking it up into manageable parts. Such as figure, portrait, landscape and still life. But for the day to day practitioner it’s help to break things down even further. Focus is the key here, and to focus on something we need a clear and simple direction.

So, for this month my focus is not only on the figure but specifically drawing the figure. I’m not going to worry about drawing from photos or life. As I proved in the last two months that drawing from photos for a few months is not detrimental to the improvement of my skills as an artist. I’m also not going to worry about paint as I don’t want to increase the complexity of my day to day work. There is a necessity for extreme focus here and to do that I’m removing a lot of possibilities. This will ensure that each day I can get right down to work without wasting time wondering “what am I going to do today”.

August Figure Drawing Commitment, warmup

So here is my first day of 31 days with a clear focus on drawing the figure. Throughout the week I will be drawing from New Masters Academy and then on Sundays I plan on attending the open studio at Gage Academy.

August Figure Drawing Commitment, 1.5 minute poses
1.5 minute poses
August Figure Drawing Commitment, 5 minute poses
5 minute poses
August Figure Drawing Commitment, 15 minute pose
15 minute pose
August Figure Drawing Commitment, 15 minute pose
15 minute pose
August Figure Drawing Commitment, 15 minute pose
15 minute pose
August Figure Drawing Commitment, detail of pose
15 minute pose detail

2 thoughts on “August Figure Drawing Commitment”

  1. I always find the poses for life drawing a little on the dramatic side. It’s not incredibly functional, is it? But then again, it gives you a unique perspective of human anatomy, to see muscles and body parts in an angle not normally seen.
    Just more pondering thoughts from your curious but often nonartistic wife


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