Asaro Head Study Charcoal Drawings

The Watts Atelier Online is what motivated me to do planes of the head study¬†and I’m not sure how well its paying off but it’s definitely giving me more things or ideas of things to paint and draw.


Head Study Drawings

My warmup page, here you can see me practice my dexterity exercises almost every night and you can also see a couple head lay-ins inspired by Andrew Loomis.



first Head study of the night, profile

It may have been a mistake to add value on to this profile head study. Or maybe I just needed to focus more closely on how I was putting it down to make it look much better.



Head study three quarter view




head study frontal view

Ok this one was terrible. Jeff Watts said multiple times that the frontal view of a head is the hardest and I believe him. You can see I’m even trying to cover up my bad drawing with value here.


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