As Much Time as I Can

I’m trying to put as much time as I can towards this self portrait but today was a bit of a challenge due to other commitments taking up my time.

In order to submit this drawing to the latest challenge I need to finish it by Monday so time is precious. But I feel as though I’ve accomplished a lot today. I was able to set the basic value scale for the whole drawing and accomplish the first pass of value over one head.

I’ll work the whole drawing up in this manner first. Establishing a base for other refinements to come after.

Self Portrait Relentless

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Warm-up and DrawABox exercises

The normal 15 minute warm-up in graphite.


The challenges continue with the 250 box challenge. Some days I feel like I’m getting better at this, then other days I feel as though I’m not progressing. Most of my errors are coming from inaccurately placing lines the moment I draw it. I know where I want it to go but the freehand method places it wrong. exercise

No Nicolaides Today

I didn’t have time to work on the next exercise from The Natural Way to Draw today. I hope to get back to it tomorrow.

Daily Composition and Daily Sketch

I sketched my desk… again. Then I drew a guy carrying his bike that I saw several days ago. The brush pen seems to be running out of ink but I’m kinda enjoying its feathery style when it’s somewhat dry.

daily composition and sketch

What went well?

I was able to get some art done and spend as much time as I can on my new self portrait.

What needs work?

Unfortunately I feel I need to be more accurate with my schedule to guarantee that I get everything in.

What did I learn?

A half dry brush pen has some nice effects.

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