Why Do Art Daily?

Art making is not like riding a bike, making art is complex. In fact even writing a bike is hard if you haven’t done it for years!

Unfortunately, this fact is something that I had to learn the hard way after realizing by the age of 38 that I had lost most of my artistic skill by taking too long away from it.

Art is Hard

The complexity of art making demands to be constantly refreshed in your brain with daily work. Art making is not only a cognitive ability but a physical one it takes mental and physical acuity to be able to do it well.

Skills Deteriorate

When you stop practicing, those skills deteriorate. This is the most important reason why in 2013 I made a commitment to do daily art. After 5 years of not doing any art I realized that I had lost most of my skill and I needed to start from the beginning.

Starting over again is not something I ever wanted to repeat so I committed to daily art. I committed to the continual effort of refreshing my skills daily and not allowing them to deteriorate any longer.

Turn On the Light

How long has it been since you’ve done your art or what you love?

How long have you taken away from it?

If you’ve been away from art for a while, it is what it is, don’t beat yourself up about it, let’s get back into practice. As one philosopher said. It doesn’t matter how long the light in the room has been off, once you turn it on again. The room may be a bit dusty with some mess to clean up but now It’s all about getting back to it. The past is in the past. We can learn from it.

How can you make a simple and easy commitment to practicing your art daily? Remember to start small, plan for the worst days and look for a long term commitment for the rest of your life, not results in a short time.

The wait is over! Get started today!


  1. Nice! I optimized my YouTube so can’t comment there, but wanted to congratulate you on being such a shining example of commitment and practice. I do think along with your “worst-days ever” sketches, you should frame your first painting, as a reminder “never want to start over again”. You can start again, but you don’t want to start over. You have come so far in your journey, thanks for sharing it with us.

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