There Are No “Masters” in Art

Mastery in any field is an asymptotic process. There are no “masters” in art, only really accomplished artists on their own journey.

Asymptotic behavior as defined by tutors is…

“Asymptotic behavior describes a function or expression with a defined limit or asymptote. Your function may approach this limit, getting closer and closer as you change the function’s input, but will never reach it.
Unbounded behavior is when you have a function or expression without any limits. As you increase your function’s input, the output also increases.”

Basically, imagine a line arcing up towards another line, getting closer and closer forever but never quite touching it.

I know that the word “master” is thrown around in art casually for mostly marketing purposes. But, if you ask any “master” of art, that is any person that has been doing art for most of their life and have reached a high level of proficiency, they would tell you that they have so much more to learn.

I believe that all very accomplished artists understand that mastery in art is an unbounded behavior. It has no limits. The better you get at art the higher the bar is raised there are no masters in art, there are really darn good artists, but all of us are on pathways to reach a that guiding star that is mastery. That guiding star is unreachable it is not a distant shore something that you can get to one day. The day that you think you’re a master is the same day that you realize that you still have a long way to go.

Don’t worry about being a master of art, or just being good at it, love the journey!

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