How to Practice Drawing and Painting at the Same Time

Everyday before my drawing projects, painting projects or performances I begin with a warm-up. This warm-up doesn’t just warm-up the muscles in my arm or my brain but it also allows me to practice the motion of painting.

I’ve augmented the way I hold my pencil so that it mirrors the way that I hold a paintbrush. So when I’m practicing my drawing dexterity during my warm-up I’m also practicing the same exact movements that I would use in painting. This is how I can practice my drawing and painting at the same time. With this I can improve two skills at once just by recognizing how I do one and match it with the other.

Match Your Tools

One thing to understand here is that a pencil is physically different from a paintbrush. I hope that much is obvious. But because a paintbrush has bristles on its end you can’t move it and rub it across a surface the same way you would a pencil. The only way to match both of these tools is to adjust how you use a pencil rather than adjust how you use a paint brush.

If you do it the other way and try to use a paint brush the same way you use a pencil you will find that you’re either scraping up paint that is already laid down or bending up the bristles and causing all kinds of issues with the brush. Being aware of how each practice can be compatible is very important.

I will say though, I only do this with my warm-up for my major drawings I hold my pencil whatever way is necessary to do the drawing well.

How can you combine practices that you do daily into one?

How can you stack your skills building exercises and improve them faster?

look at your materials today, make a plan and get creating and improving with more alacrity.!

let me know of any of the creative ways that you have come up with to stack your training and not only will I try it myself but I’ll make a video about it.

Drawing and Painting practice details

Here I’m holding my pencil and dragging it down and to the right. I would use a paintbrush in this same manner to draw a line at this angle.

Holding a pencil vs a paintbrush
Holding a pencil vs a paintbrush

With vertical lines, I find it easier to drag both a pencil and a paintbrush down. It allows me to get the line as straight as possible with both.

Holding a pencil vs a paintbrush
Holding a pencil vs a paintbrush

Here is an example of how I used to hold a pencil when drawing a horizontal line. But when I compared this to how I would hold a paintbrush to paint a horizontal line I noticed a difference. Then I began training my dexterity with a pencil the same way I use a paintbrush.

Holding a pencil vs a paintbrush
Holding a pencil vs a paintbrush

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