There Are No “Masters” in Art

Mastery in any field is an asymptotic process. There are no “masters” in art, only really accomplished artists on their own journey.

Why Do Art Daily?

Art making is not like riding a bike, making art is complex. In fact even writing a bike is hard if you haven’t done it…

How to do Art Daily

How to do art daily is very close to my heart. I live this ideal every day and it has changed my life. With this…

Drawing and Painting From Memory

Many of the greatest artists who ever lived were drawing and painting from memory. They didn’t have the convenience of photography during the time of…

Flexibility With Art Time

How can we as artists prevent time challenges from completely destroying our precious art time?

Cell Phones Can Improve Our Art

Thanks to technology we can use our cell phones to improve our art by treating it as a third eye when looking at our artwork.

Technical Skill vs Expression

In the struggle to find my authentic art I’m working to balance out technical skill vs expression and at which point on the spectrum my…

Be the Best at Whatever You Do

You don’t need to be an artist to be the best at whatever you do. Just try to do your best with whatever means that…

The Man in the Arena

On April 23, 1910, Fifty-two year-old Teddy Roosevelt has served two terms as the U.S. President and is delivering a speech at the Sorbonne in…

Watts Atelier Review

A fellow artists and blogger Jana Bouc asked me about Watts Atelier via email. After spending about 30 minutes writing a reply to her I…

Drawing Water from an Animated Gif?

After a discussion in life drawing class about painting the complexties of water I attemted drawing water from an animated gif.

Portable Taboret

I was time to upgrade my studio and my solution is what I like to call “The Portable Taboret of Awesome!”.