Arm Done

I focused on nothing but painting the arm of the figure today. Now that I have the arm done it is time to work my way around the whole body.

I think I will continue to focus on each area of the figure. I expect to spend the most time on the head.

It is very satisfying to do something well, even if it is a small portion of a painting. I feel most accomplished when I’ve done something well versus doing a large amount of work. Again, this reflects a great quote by Richard Schmid.

A painting done poorly is a tragedy, but a sketch done well can be masterful.

I paraphrase, but the original quote is similar. Basically, don’t rush into tons of work if your going to not do it well. More and more I have to break everything I do in life down in smaller chunks in order to understand it or to do it well.

Arm Done
Arm Done
Arm Done, setup

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