Arm Anatomy Study

Tonight I continued with studying arm anatomy. First I reviewed some terms then I continued watching the anatomy video by Ray Bustos at New Masters Academy.

Arm Anatomy Study: terms

I have to review these terms often, if I don’t I forget them quickly. I’ve already forgotten most of the terms with thigh and leg anatomy and it was only a week ago when I was going over those.

Arm Anatomy Study: attempt at tracing
attempt at tracing

I attempted to do some tracings as Rey Bustos was demonstrating with he exact same photo, but I had a lot of trouble printing the image as it kept coming out very dark and I hate wasting paper so I need to find an alternative to doing these tracings. Either I need to draw the figure myself or I should get them on my iPad and use some app where I can trace over them.

Any suggestions on a good and cheap app to do this would be very helpful.

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