Another Wonderful Morning of Art

Another wonderful morning of art on a Sunday, plus I’m extremely excited about the progress I’ve made on the Storm drawing.

For my drawing of storm today I finished off her ear and worked hard on the background and shape of her white hair. Hopefully you noticed but her hair is nappy and more accurate to exactly the texture of hair a person from Kenya would have. I’m breaking away from the normal depiction of Storm in comic books and bring it into reality.

Marvel comics storm drawing

I had to work my brain hard to remember that the background is now dark and the hair is white. I kept wanting to use my charcoal to indicate the hair but no, I couldn’t do that, now I needed to use my eraser as the drawing implement.

Also the Conte 1710 b pencils I used are a bit waxy and stick to the paper too much. I have to be very careful where I put marks from those pencils or else I can’t get the paper back to white. But, because I’ve been experimenting with different types of charcoal on this paper I know that the Nitram charcoals go down smoothly, grip the paper a bit, but are still easy to pull off.

The other positive about using different types of charcoal is the separation it causes between the two mediums. I don’t feel like you can see it clearly in this photo of the drawing (because I change it to gray scale) but the background charcoal (Nitram) is a little warmer than what is on her face (Conte).

Regardless of all the technical details what made this another wonderful morning of art was the striking (pun) appearance the current composition is making. And when I increase the contrast and work the hair for a while it’s going to look even better.

The drawing in color

Previous Post of my Drawing of Storm

3 Minute Reverse Gestures

I posted about this Nicolaides exercise way back in April. In fact I think my drawings are better from then.

Basically you look at a pose and draw everything in reverse. If they are facing right, you face them left. If the model is twisting their torso down and to the right then you twist it down and to the left.

I have three minutes for each of these poses but it was twisting my brain so much today that I couldn’t visualize them well.

Warm-Up and Cube Practice

Here is a wonderful way to get immediate feed back on drawing rotating boxes in space. I have a box on my desk, it says “happy wife happy life”, and it has certain proportions. I try to draw a box that matches those proportions with correct perspective.

The box I use to check my perspective and proportions.

Then I draw the same box a second time after imagining it rotating a certain way. Once that is drawn I can pick up the box that I have and orient it in front of me to match what I drew and compare with real life. I’ve learned a ton just by doing this and seeing my mistakes (in pink).

Cylinder Practice

I’m continuing with my exercises that I’ve created for myself inspired by Steve Huston’s book, Figure Drawing for Artists. I’m already seeing a lot of improvement because of my focus on this.

Although there was another very important aspect of cylinders that I forgot and ended up only remembering 20 minutes into this page. In perspective the side of the cylinder that is tilting away from you will get wider than the one closer to you.

You can see how I’m testing this on the right side of the page and Joshua Graphite has a wonderful video about the technical details of it.

Daily Composition and Daily Sketch


I’ve been wanting a bike for a while now so Pattie and I can ride together around the neighborhood. But I didn’t want any kind of performance bike where you had to were special gear just to ride it. No, I wanted a cruiser bike that has STYLE!! And this one has all kinds of style and I love riding with Pattie.

The daily composition today is of me behind Pattie. She is on one of those performance road bikes so I’m always behind her. That and she knows what she is doing much better than I.

daily composition and daily sketch

My daily sketch is of a hardcore stapler I have near my desk.

What went well?

A new bike, lots of practice, a drawing of Storm that is looking fantastic and awesome time with the one I love! Another wonderful morning of art!

What needs work?

I need to work on signalling with my left arm when riding my bike. I get all wobbly when I do it.

What did I learn?

The far side of tilted cylinder will have less degrees.


  1. Man, those reverse poses look really challenging. I am struggling to just visualize what the reverse would look like, let alone how to go about drawing them. Also, I think your cylinders look great. Also, also- I’m glad you love your bike.

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