Another Small Step Forward

I wouldn’t call this painting a “break through” but I will call it a small step forward. With this one work I’ve changed my thought process slightly, but I expect the slight shift to make a huge difference in the future.

The change is simple. I’m thinking more about structure rather than surface. Of course, all I have to look at is surface, but I’m thinking about what is under the skin to cause¬†this particular color or value. I want to be able to describe the figure in such a way that the bones, muscles, fat and tendons below the skin are apparent. More than just surface. It is going to take many many of these paintings to achieve this.

Another Small Step Forward
Another Small Step Forward
Another Small Step Forward, setup

2 thoughts on “Another Small Step Forward”

  1. I’m always tempted to imagine a background around these figures and wonder what they are doing or why they are in such weird poses.


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