Another Day of Daily Art

Another day of daily art practice. Some days have huge revelations or jumps forward but most are the same diligent and persistent effort.

My day currently consists of basic shape practice inspired by Figure Drawing for Artists, then exercises from The Natural Way to Draw, then a daily sketch of a random object and a daily composition. Lastly is, what I call, my art performance and this is my Fandom Fitness drawings.

I’m drawing Storm from Marvel Comics and I’m being challenged constantly and loving every minute of it.

Marvel comics storm in charcoal drawing

White nappy hair is very challenging to draw. I’m referencing several images but I haven’t quite reached the balance of texture and form in the hair.

Previous Post of my Drawing of Storm

1 Minute Gestures

About two pages into this practice I’m annoyed at my lack of skill in drawing gestures. Then by page 5 and 6 I don’t want to stop because I’m pulling out some gestures that I really like.

It’s all part of another day of daily art.

Warm-Up and Cube Practice

I’m progressing faster at cylinders than I am cubes. Partly because I’m spending more time on the cylinders and they are easier.

Cylinders are easier because you only have to deal with lean and tilt. While with cube you have to deal with lean, tilt and face. What that really means is that you can rotate a cylinder in space but only notice two directions of rotation, lean and tilt. But with a cube you add an extra description of orientation and the increase in challenge is exponential.


Cylinder Practice

I’m trying to figure out at what point I can move on from the cylinder exercise and into full focus of the box exercise.

I don’t feel that I can just move on from this exercise when I’ve drawn one page of cylinders well. I need to know that I’m consistently drawing the best cylinders I can and that all the principles of its perspective is committed to memory.

Maybe a week or two more, then I’ll move on.

Cylinder Studies

Daily Composition and Daily Sketch

I sketched some boxes that I could see in my studio to get more practice on sketching the basic box form. Then I drew a guy that we passed on our bikes yesterday. He was on his phone and leaning against a car.

There is no doubt that I need to work on sketching people from memory for a very long time.

daily composition and daily sketch

What went well?

Lots of time doing art.

What needs work?

I’m constantly tweaking my schedule to maximize my art and work time better.

What did I learn?

Hair needs form. It can’t just be a mass of strands. It takes a broader shape and fills space.

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