Another Beginning

Today is another beginning to a new figure painting in oil and I’m still trying to iterate the process and improve.

I changed the paper I was using. I still have a stack of the paper I was using though, Strathmore cold press 140# watercolor paper. I actually have some hot press watercolor paper coming soon that I ordered online but I didn’t want to have to wait till it got here. So today I cut a 12×16 piece of 90# beige drawing paper. I can’t remember the name of it, but it is close to a Reieves BFK, or Arches drawing paper. The main reason for using it though is its texture, or lack there of. I want to see how well these detailed paintings go on a paper that has a lot less deep texture. I feel as though in many of these painting the texture is getting in the way. I shall report my findings in a few days.

Another Beginning
Another Beginning
Another Beginning, setup

2 thoughts on “Another Beginning”

  1. The paper makes ALL the difference! haha!
    Just like I’d be a better cook if I only had the awesome food processor. I’d be a better writer if I just had the right computer.
    I think though, that there is an essence of bettering ourselves with these “if only” items. I’d probably experiment with the food processor a bunch and create some interesting and delicious meals. If I had a new computer with a certain program, then perhaps I’d be inclined to use the program which DOES help me in my writing.
    So, in essence, the paper DOES make you a better artist….


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