Ann: Sunlight, Gesture and Contour

I had a mix of different projects today and my art time went by fast because of it.

The next practices in Nicolaides’s book is gesture drawing. I’ve been familiar with gesture drawing for years and years. But I haven’t done any gestures in quite a long time so these are really rough. Doing these gestures and following the instruction from Nicolaides is much different than any gestures I’ve done before. These are all about movement and trying to draw what the model is doing but not what they look like. I’m trying to capture the movement and forget about the model. It’s had to do, I constantly want to draw in the contour and specific details.

Next I painted the highlights on the painting of Ann. These areas are pure white so I really what to make sure that I adjust the entire value scale of the painting so they are as bright and luminous as I want.  The best way to adjust my entire value scale is to paint these first and make sure that no other color I put on the canvas will come close to them. Also, just to make sure I don’t hit that super bright threshold the white gesso I painted on today was actually a very light gray.

To capture the luminosity of these super bright areas I’m going to use some glazing in oils but for this to work the base needs to start out white so that it can reflect through the glazes.

Lastly, I did a couple contour drawings. I was talking with Pattie about these drawing because I really like how they look but I lack the language to describe why I feel that way. They don’t look much like the actual model but there is an authenticity about them that regular sketches don’t capture most of the time.

All in all it was a wonderfully productive art day that spanned many different disciplines.

What went well?

Lots of practice exercises and work on my next major painting accomplished.

What didn’t go so well?

I had a few distractions throughout my art time, but I stopped my timer for most. Other times I just needed to step away and do some burpees to clear my head.

What did I learn and/or how can I do better?

Gesture drawing is something I should practice on a regular basis, not daily but perhaps weekly, same with contours. Also, painting white over a gray takes at least 4 coats to get it opaque.

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