Ann: Drawing Going Well

The drawing of Ann is going really well especially after doing some contour drawings previously.

The first part of my art time today was spent with intense focus on contour drawings. The purpose here is to focus as hard as I can so that my pencil and my eyes track along the figure at exactly the same time. Which is much harder than it sounds. My eyes constantly want to shoot ahead and leave my hand behind.

I wrote some notes about my contour experience today between drawings. What I really noticed is that this process is very meditative and it really forces me to practice my focus. I’m also learning to just let go of perfection or anything “good” and just draw naturally letting the line flow from me with focus on “feeling” the model. Honestly, I’m glad I’m drawing from images for these because the process seems very intimate.

For Ann’s painting my focus today was to go for accuracy as well as trying to instill some spontaneity into the drawing. Hopefully the drawing I do now will help inform the painting later.

What went well?

Ann’s drawing went well and the contours are a lot of fun plus I really like the way the drawings look.

What didn’t go so well?

I wish that I could stick with the Nicolaides book and do 1 drawing an a half hour but I find it too difficult at the moment.

What did I learn and/or how can I do better?

Contour is really fun and I’m learning a lot about myself not just art. Next time I will try and spend longer time on each drawing.

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