Ann: Beginning Oil + Gesture and Contour

The first day with oil on the painting of Ann, YAY!

I wanted to establish a few things with this first day of oil.

First I wanted to establish the darkest dark, actually a step or two away from the darkest color I could make without black. Along  with the very light gray that I have for the lighter areas this will establish the extremes in a compressed value scale.

Second I wanted to establish some compression in chroma also. This painting is going to be much different than my last, of Patrick, where the colors were extremely bright. A lot of that painting was made with colors right out of the tubes. After looking at the photo though I need to bump up the highest extreme of chroma a bit more.

Third I wanted to get the first layer of paint on Ann’s face. There is something about painting on 80% dry oil paint that I really enjoy. It’s much different than painting directly on the gesso which to me is way too slick.

Now I’m debating on going over the whole painting with one thin layer of oil like I did on her face today… Hmm, probably not, there is a possibility that that paint could sit on the canvas for a month or more and then it’s properties will change and I will need to wait for many more months to paint over it. Besides I like moving around the painting comparing each section with what I just finished.

What went well?

I spent some time on my next major oil painting!

What didn’t go so well?

I was a little distracted with the gesture and contour drawings but it was worth it.

What did I learn and/or how can I do better?

Contour drawings are perfect for be beginning students. The more I do them the more I’m convinced of it.

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