Anatomy Review: Thigh

Tonight I move onto the lower extremities with the thigh and gluteals.

For the past 20 days or so I have been working on the anatomy of the human body and there has been several occasions where I wanted to do something different. It’s not bad to do something different every day but I’m on a path of mastery and I need to get accustom to sustaining a deep focus on one subject. I feel that the only way to learn something really well is to have a good length of time focused on that subject. Then, of course, lots of review of that subject moving forward.

I want to share a YouTube channel that I find very inspiring and I will begin to include notes from it into my daily routine. The channel is called “Philosophers Notes” by Brian Johnson and it’s wonderful. He reviews amazing books packed with great ideas to help our lives and makes well produced videos going over the few parts of the book that resonated well with him. Each video is short but packed with great ideas, almost every video I watch I have a little epiphany.

Today I’m writing down some notes from his video on the book “The Happiness Equation” by Neil Pasricha. Out of the 5 topics Brian covered, “Ikigai” and the “Do Circle” resonated with me the most.

Did you know there is an actual equation for motivation? And it’s for real, and created by a scientist that studied motivation, check it out.

Anatomy Review: Thigh, setup

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