Anatomy Review: Leg

Tonight was the last part of my review of anatomy. Over the past 20 or so days I’ve gone over the bones and muscles for the entire human body twice, starting with the head and ending at the leg.

Thanks to New Masters Academy and Rey Bustos these past few weeks have been fun and I’ve learned a ton. Now I just have to retain it, so I plan on to continue to review anatomy weekly.

Anatomy Review: Leg, setup

I also made some notes today on Brian Johnsons review of “The Champions Mind” by Jim Afremow.  Three topics resonated with me the most. First is “Good, Better, Best” a great plan for evaluating my performance the correct way. Second is “Sustained Obsession” a concept that I’m actually living right now through my daily art and this blog. Third, is the motivation equation it’s quite amazing, I won’t go into detail about it, check out the video I’m sure it will be helpful to you.

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