Anatomy Review: Back Torso

Ok, time to ramp it back up again. I’ve had a couple days to recover from the move and now we are in a better place an it’s time to bring my art time back up to at least 2.5 hours a day. Tonight is another anatomy review featuring the back torso and tomorrow will be the last of my anatomy reviews, finishing off with the lower half of the body, the thighs and legs.

I have already joined the Meet-up group for the Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio and they have a life drawing session every Saturday morning at 10am, so this is where I will be on Saturday morning.

If only the weather would clear up a bit then I will begin to plan some landscape days, maybe once or twice a week. Another plus of our new apartment is that my office/studio has a skylight that lets in a wonderful shaft of north light directly onto a perfect table for a still life setup. So I need to setup a still life and schedule still life painting before the sun goes down.

  • Figure: WIFAS on Saturday morning
  • Still life: Setup and worked on throughout the week
  • Landscape: Need to schedule according to the weather
  • Portrait: Either self portrait at home, or working from photos
  • Weekly Review: I’m planning to pick some aspect of art and review it over the week, something different each week.
Anatomy Review: Back Torso, setup

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