Anatomy Overlay: Back of Arm

This is my second time doing an anatomy overlay with tracing paper and I think it may be one of the best ways to learn human anatomy. This overlay was all about the back of the arm and even though there are some complex muscles I was able to simplify it with the overlays.

First I draw the bones on the sketchbook page in black ink somewhat thick so it will seen easier through the tracing paper. Of course after about 3 layers of tracing paper not much is easily seen. It would be good to note here that I was looking at a new book that I picked up called “Anatomy, a complete guide for artists” by Joseph Sheppard.

Anatomy overlay: Back of arm, reference material
Reference material

While I was doing my anatomy overlay I was watching Rey Bustos from New Masters Academy doing an écorché sculpture. I’m very tempted to try the sculpture, if there is any better way to learn the anatomy of the body then my overlay method it’s doing this écorché sculpture.

Anatomy overlay: Back of arm, setup

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