Adrift, Soon To Be Erased

Tonight I was really out of sorts, I had no idea what to paint and I really didn’t have a lot of energy to do art. So with no direction, goal or idea I was adrift in my thoughts while I setup a random still life and painted it.

The act of doing art, the focus on translating my surrounding into a two dimensional image is much like meditation. So even on day like today, where I don’t have much purpose or direction, the act itself is more than enough.

When you’re adrift on the sea of life, up’s and down’s are inevitable, just relax and let the current take you.

Adrift, soon to be erased, setup
Adrift, soon to be erased, subject

2 thoughts on “Adrift, Soon To Be Erased”

  1. I have several 100 Ways of EarthFit posts that were just like this- get’er done.
    Even if you aren’t happy with your result, it’s still a great exercise in progress towards your ultimate goal (10,000 hours of art), it IS still a learning tool, and frankly, you are doing 100x better than anyone who DOESN’T do ANYTHING when they don’t feel like it.


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