A Very Productive Labor Day

I’ve had a very productive labor day today by focusing as much as I can on art throughout the day.

We don’t go out much on the weekends, definitely not on holiday’s, due to covid-19. That in turn makes our weekends the most productive days of the week. Although I don’t skip my basic health protocols, such as exercise, sleep and meditation, regardless of the day.

In fact, I wasn’t aware how much I finished on the tyrannosaurus drawing until I looked at where the drawing was yesterday. The head is about 95% done and I was able to come up with motion on a couple limbs that I’m almost happy with.

Jurassic Park Drawing

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Warm-up and DrawABox exercises

The normal 15 minute warm-up in graphite.


My days are about to get more productive with the Fandom Fitness drawings because this is the last page of boxes for the 250 box challenge. I may pick this exercise back up in a year or so, once I’ve finished with 30 more Fandom Fitness drawings.

drawabox.com exercise

Short Drapery Study

The next schedule of exercises from The Natural Way to Draw is a short drapery study, followed by a long drapery study. Again Nicolaides surprises me with an awesome exercise that pushes me out of my comfort zone.

It was easy enough to draw the table cloth I tacked up this morning. But, the best part is that he gives instructions on how to tack up the cloth then asks the student to draw what he or she thinks will happen with the cloth. Then after you draw a quick gesture of what you think is going to happen you adjust the cloth and learn what really happens. This part of the exercise makes everything more mentally engaging than just copying what you see. I also had a lot of fund drawing the cloth.

Graphite Drapery Study

Daily Composition and Sketch

My desk char as a quick sketch then a really bad sketch of a guy that almost lost his boat while driving too fast over railroad tracks. The crash and scrapping was very scary especially considering Pattie and I was on the road riding our bikes.

daily composition and sketch

What went well, what was awesome! Celebrate It!

Lots of art with a very productive labor day!

What needs work? What did you learn?

Study more ways to draw texture.

How am I going to Optimize moving forward?

I may move the Rendering in Pen and ink book up on my list of Artists Perspectives I’m planning.

Session Details