A Resolute Harry Potter

Today I started on the next Fandom Fitness drawing, Harry Potter. This one features a courageous and resolute Harry Potter facing his death.

During my morning walk I thought about this drawing the whole way and there were several words that came to mind.

  • Full
  • Realized
  • Resolute
  • Courageous
  • Whole
  • Stone
  • Dark

This is the motive and I’m going to attempt to communicate all of this in the drawing of Harry.

A resolute harry potter

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Today’s Gestures

I continue to define a motive first before drawing and I’m constantly surprised at what I come up with.

Not surprised that I thought of it, but surprised that this emotion or motive will take all kinds of deep thought just to communicate in charcoal.

Words such as: “discouraged”, “elegant”, “unstable”, “dismal”. How can I communicate these words when in most cases the face of the model is hidden? What does a “dismal” line look like?

In most instances I actually mime the description I came up with, or the models position. But the simple act of switching from psychology to physiology just by moving really helps me visualize the lines I need.

I was supposed to do another exercise today called “Right-angle Study”. A super interesting concept. I look at the model from one direction but I imagine what he/she would look like if viewed from a right angle to myself, then draw that.

It’s as if I stood up and walked around the model for 90 degrees and drew them from that angle, but without moving.

Unfortunately, I spent so much time looking for online references that had pictures of the model from two angles that I didn’t have time to do the exercise. Fortunately I did find one resource that can do what I need. A 3D pose tool online.

With this online tool I can draw the model and imagine what he/she would look like from the side. Then after I’m done check my work by rotating the 3D model.

It would be great to do this in real life, but alas I’m not super wealthy and covid-19 has stopped all that.

Daily Composition

This is by far my favorite exercise in The Natural Way to Draw. Well, gestures are a close second.

Continuing with the resolute Harry Potter theme this was a shocking scene from the movie that I captured. It’s the death of Professor Snape and I was struck how well the director capture the brutal nature of the death.

daily composition

What went well?

Great focus on art today.

What didn’t go so well?

Behind on time as normal.

What did I learn and/or how can I do better?

I need to program my art days a bit differently so I’m not so pressed for time.

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