A Relaxing Pace

I decided to take a relaxing pace with my art session this morning. I still kept my warm-up to 15 minutes but I allowed myself to get lost in the other drawings.

Yoda Drawing

Yoda is still coming along well, but a little slowly. I think I’ll plan my day tomorrow so I can spend a couple hours on it.

Yoda drawing in graphite

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Warm-up and DrawABox exercises

I used some Staedtler graphite pencils for my warm-up this morning. The ability for graphite to glide over the newsprint is very nice. Too bad it doesn’t get as dark as charcoal.


I finished up the rest of the ellipse exercises today, or at last I thought I did, and moved on to drawing boxes. When I took photos of these exercises I realized that I did the planes but forgot to draw the ellipses over them. Doh!

Steve Huston Perspective Exercise

I’m becoming very aware of my lack of understanding of perspective with the head as it moves in space. After printing out some heads I started to trace over them as a beginning for understanding.

Then I used a couple of the heads I traced with a simplified structure to try and recreate that structure but in a different position. I wasn’t trying to change the position of the head all that much but figuring out how the shape of the head would change as the chin is tilted up is very difficult.

I definitely feel that it is easier to figure out how a head changes when it’s tilting up or down or maybe even side to side. But figuring out how a head will change when the viewer changes position is much more difficult.

This is going to take a lot of study before I get the grasp of it.

Head Study

Figures In Ink

The Natural Way to Draw instructs that I should do a modeled figure in ink focusing on weight and space but I just wanted to try out a new brush pen. I’m glad I did, this thing is awesome!

figures in ink

Daily Composition and Daily Sketch

I drew some boxes on my desk and me with my kiddies in my lap.

daily composition and daily sketch

What went well?

I had a nice relaxing pace for my art day plus I feel like I accomplished a lot. Now it’s time for quality time with my love!

What needs work?

Continue to focus on understanding heads well, and spend more time on the Yoda drawing.

What did I learn?

The brush pen is great and I want to use it more. Heads changing perspective from my imagination is super hard.

Session Details