A New Sketch Book

Yesterday I purchased a new sketch book. The one I currently have is a just a little too small and I had an idea for a sketching challenge for February.

The challenge for myself is to fill this 100 page sketch book by the end of February. This will be a little less than 4 pages a day.

I tested out the sketch book tonight by picking a subject at random and drawing with my awesome Pilot Hi-Tec-C Pens. These pens have such fine tips that anything I do quickly turns into a study in high detail and trying to get the most minute details right. So even this little sketch took me an hour.

A new sketch book: subject

Of course I’m not going to limit myself to one medium for this challenge, I figure that if I want to get 4 pages done a day that using super detailed pens would take a bit too long, tomorrow I will try out graphite or charcoal.

New Sketch Book Post Inspiration

Probably one of the best sketch artists out there Kim Jung Gi. This video is amazing to say the least.

2 thoughts on “A New Sketch Book”

  1. Great idea!!!
    I love the idea of sketching, because your equipment/materials are so portable, you can do a sketch anywhere.
    May I offer a further challenge for you? Try to do at least one sketch each week out of the home- go outside! The weather is still iffy but we’ve been having really nice days too, so I challenge you to look for the beauty in Beaverton (it’s here, somewhere….you just have to find it)
    I need to think of a great challenge like this for myself.
    Great work! Thanks for the inspiration!


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