A Need For Master Studies

I have realized that I have a real need for master studies to improve my figure drawings. I also need to work more than half an hour a day on my drawings…

Tonight I was focusing on trying to draw this figure in a similar way to George Bridgman. I really love how he can describe the volume of a form with just a few subtle lines. Plus all his figure has a real since of volume and mass.

After this really sad attempt of applying the Bridgman style to a figure I realized that I would better learn his technique if I just drew from his drawings. Also known as a master study. I’m not sure if Bridgman is considered a master, but that doesn’t mean I can’t also do studies from other old masters like Rubens, Prud’hon or┬áMichelangelo. Maybe this will even increase my drawing time daily, I can only hope.

a need for master studies: setup

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