A Morning Full of Art

I’m happy to say that I’ve had a morning full of art and creativity and it is so exhilarating after the last two days of minimums.

I started my day with the first exercise in the next book I’m reading. Figure Drawing for Artists by Steve Huston. Steve Huston is wonderful and so is New Masters Academy, an online school he is part of. At some point in the future I will subscribe again, it has tons of amazing instructors and video tutorials. In my opinion it is the best online source for learning traditional art and more.

I purchased this book a year or two ago and I never really read it. I perused through it but didn’t try and soak in all the wisdom.

Now that I’m committed to reviewing books by artists I plan to work through this book and do all the exercises. The first one in the book that I worked on today is drawing basic shapes.

Basic shapes exercise

These seem so simple but as I was drawing some basic cubes I decided to do a series of cubes turning in space and I found myself floundering for how to do it. This is definitely something I need to practice a lot.

The first step to mastery is to recognize your weaknesses, don’t run from them, but attack them with deliberate practice until they are not longer weaknesses.

Next up on this morning full of art is the second part of the above exercise. With this exercise I’m looking at a master drawing and trying to find basic shapes and draw them.

The book indicates using tracing paper over some very small reproductions but I didn’t like how small it was and I really wanted to understand the master drawing better, so I began to just redraw the whole thing.

Master drawing study with basic shapes

Here is the master drawing I was working from.

Master drawing
The Triumph of Galatea by Raphael

But I wasn’t done with Steve Huston’s book after that.

He indicated that I could find many of these basic structures by drawing household objects daily. The key word here is “daily” and I love daily exercises and work so I may add this to my daily art routine.

This drawing was done on another sketchbook along with my daily composition. I had finished the last one with yesterday’s drawing and I have a few sketchbook that I need to fill up.

Daily Composition

I’m not near done with my morning full of art. Next up, is my daily composition of a man walking with a shopping cart. I noticed this person during my walk yesterday.

Daily composition and household object drawing

For some reason I drew him from a higher up view. I’m still new at drawing from memory so all kinds of things are bound to happen.

I wonder where he got his cart from?…

The 5 Hour Contour

This is going to be a super challenging exercise. This is similar to the contour exercise in the first chapter of The Natural Way to Draw by Kimon Nicolaides. Where you look at a figure and draw without looking at your page focusing on going slow and feeling the contour of the figure.

The big difference here is that I have to work on the same drawing for FIVE HOURS. If you have ever done these before you will know how challenging this is. Basically I’m focusing so hard and go so slow that the drawing is more meditative than anything.

I don’t plan on doing all 5 hours at once and I’m not sure I can actually stretch this drawing out for 5 hours so today I started with 30 minutes of work on the drawing.

5 Hour Contour drawing

Right away I’ve made the figure much too large for the paper. At this size most of him will flow off the page.

Here is the photo I’m working from.

New masters academy figure

I picked this photo because I can see his face, his feet and his hands. Plus there is a ton of interest in the contour. The more complex the figure the easier the next 5 hours will go.

Indiana Jones Drawing

Last but not least on my morning full of art I continued with my next Fandom Fitness drawing of Indiana Jones.

Originally I was only going to spend about an hour on this drawing but I was so focused and having fun that I ended up drawing for about two hours on it.

Indiana Jones Drawing

I’m getting much more subtle with my usage of charcoal, graphite and a brush. Instead of doing the same method all over the drawing I’m picking what fits the motive best in each area and adjusting my technique to fit what I want to communicate.

And that’s the end of my morning full of art, well, except for this post and more work on my next Artist Perspective, and more reading, and…

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What went well?

An awesome morning full of art making and creativity!

What needs work?

Plan my day better and include my love.

What did I learn and/or how can I do better?

Watercolor on white paper is so much different than on a colored paper.

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