A Little Lost

I’m not sure exactly what was happening with this session but I was feeling a little lost and couldn’t figure out the complexity of this foot and leg.

There are so many little twists and turns in the sole of the foot and it is so small on my canvas that I’m having a lot of trouble describing it well. I was also having a hard time focusing. At least I didn’t begin to rush though it. I recognized that the session wasn’t going well and I slowed down trying to take my time.

Next session I will have to zoom into this foot and really take my time observing the complex changes in the sole and try to describe them as best as possible.

A Little Lost
A Little Lost

On a side note, even after letting this painting dry for days in preparation for glazing I ended up abandoning it. I did a little glazing but almost instantly I didn’t like how it was progressing. I may have to read a book on glazing because I honestly have no idea how it should look.

A Little Lost, setup

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