A Great Night of Sleep

After a great night of sleep my art time was full of focus as I work on the many projects I have going.

One of the most important things you need to be a successful artist is quality sleep. Through this you will have the energy and focus you need to create the best works possible.

Not just a great night of sleep is necessary though. A good diet and exercise is very important also. This is why we eat as best as we can and exercise every day.

Peter Pan Drawing

His head is small so I have to be super careful with the charcoal especially at the beginning. These charcoal pencils do not erase well so any mistakes will be almost impossible to get rid of at this scale.

Robin Williams as Peter Pan

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Warm-up and DrawABox exercises

I timed my warm-up today and it’s taking a bit longer than I would like but I think I’m going to keep it. The dexterity I can learn from this is invaluable.


Today’s drawabox.com exercise is the plotted perspective exercise. I followed the instructions on this and used a ruler to draw the boxes.

Drawabox practice

Steve Huston Form Exercise

After getting clear on my custom curriculum for Steve Huston’s book I took some time turning some figures into simple shapes. I tried to keep the proportions correct also.

Form study

Form Study

This is another exercise from The Natural Way to Draw by Nicolaides. One of my favorite exercises because I can just focus on drawing a part of the figure. I do get much more detailed than his instructions indicate though.

Form study

Daily Composition and Daily Sketch

I actually focused on composition today more than just figuring out how to draw a figure from my imagination. This was so much more enjoyable than all the previous daily compositions.

daily composition and daily sketch

What went well?

Amazing energy and focus today thanks to a great night of sleep.

What needs work?

I would like to be a bit more patient with my cat as he interrupts my art day, and anyone for that matter.

What did I learn?

Put the charcoal down first on a drawing if your going to mix graphite with it.

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